Fitted Wardrobes: Five Good Uses Outside of the Bedroom

Most people consider fitted wardrobes to be limited to the bedroom. A fitted wardrobe not only provides storage space, but they are also useful in instances where a room has to fore fill the task of many. This results in their becoming known as a versatile and useful tool throughout the home. Wardrobes are often included in interior décor plans for this very reason. Capable of not only de-cluttering your home, but of creating the impression of a stylishly and spacious living area.

In the Bathroom

Adding these wardrobes in the bathroom will allow for ease of access to your daily required medication and toiletries, stored in a discrete manner allowing you the ease of mind should you have visitors. It also increases one’s bathroom convenience allowing for bathroom accessories and necessities to be stored within the bathroom and therefore available whenever needed.

Under your Stairs

A versatile and often under-utilised space in a home is often found under your staircase. By the inclusion of some shelves and a coat rack it can be turned into a well-organized coat and boot storage area.

Unsightly Areas

Do you have one of those dark corners in the house that you don’t know what to do with? You know that one that is too awkward in size or design that nothing fits or looks good there. Come now we all have at least one such corner in our homes.

Think fitted wardrobe. Instead of glaring at that corner with utter dislike change it into a nifty storage area, with some nice doors that go with the theme of the room.

Your Passage

This is a great way of providing storage space in your home in an area that serves only to carry traffic. However note do not attempt to place fitted wardrobes in the passage if it is only as wide as a standard door, you will cause yourself some traffic congestion problems especially if you have a medium-to-large family having to get ready in the morning.

Organise Your Home Office

Need more space in the lounge and living areas, have an office at home. Why not have a wall-sized wardrobe designed to house your office and files on one side, the entertainment system in another. A carefully designed and planned wall fitted wardrobe could allow for the inclusion of desk space with pull out computer shelving. You no longer need that bulky desk or table to do it.

Fitted wardrobes no matter what design problem, space problem or décor problem you may experience, they are useful versatile and the answer to creating and organizing storage and living space.

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