Children’s playhouses

JL Joinery’s wooden playhouses are bespoke – built to fit the size and shape of your garden.  Whatever you have in mind for your child, JL Joinery can put together a design that considers both the desires of your child together with the environment it will sit in.

Can a Carpenter make me a playhouse?

Yes, as an experienced joiner, our handcrafted wooden playhouses are perfect for children with a yearning for imaginative play with their friends. Whatever you have in mind, we will design, build and install a playhouse to delight your children for years to come.

Every design is unique and the images below give you a taste of what is possible.

Wooden Playhouses Leeds

Having a playhouse comes with more benefits than you may first think: 

1. Improving their health

When children are playing in their playhouse, they will be using a lot of energy and performing a good amount of exercise; boosting their physical development; not sitting in front of the TV all day; building up their immune system; and helping to avoid weight gain & obisity. 

2. Developing social skills

Playing involves a lot of social activities. They should talk and interact with their playmates to fully enjoy the playhouse. As a result, their social skills will honed properly. Of course, you have the ability to choose their playmates too when at your home! These friendship & social skills will be beneficial later on in life.

3. Learning how to be responsible

Normally, you would be making rules on the playhouse. These rules should be strictly followed by them so that they will remain safe. If the playhouse brings them a lot of fun, they will do their best to follow the rules. That is where they learn how to be responsible, an important trait that will greatly benefit them when they grow up.

4. Help them sleep better at night

Once they use a lot of energy playing during the day, they will have to recharge. They will need a lot of sleep to recuperate the lost energy spend on the playhouse. So, as a result, you shouldn’t have much problem encouraging them to go to bed in the evening. Having enough sleep helps improve their mental and physical development. 

5. Learn more about the world

Letting your kid stay inside the house all day surely doesn’t allow them to learn more about the world. By experiencing the world outside through their senses, they will be able to boost their cognitive growth. They will be able to experience the world using their sense of sight, smell, touch & hearing.

Looking for a Carpenter to make a playhouse?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. JL Joinery will happily visit any properties in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire to scope your requirements, size up your garden and quote for designing and installing a wooden playhouse.

Please see the Gallery for more examples of our joinery / carpentry work.

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