Fitted wardrobes and bedroom storage

The bedroom should be the most luxurious and personal space in any home. We create bespoke cabinet work to transform this living space to allow you move around comfortably.

Fitted Wardrobes


From wall-mounted storage and shelving, to fitted wardrobes, cupboards and bedside cabinets, we design and manufacture to meet your needs. We create bespoke carpentry solutions for any available space using appropriate materials and traditional or contemporary styles.

  • Fitted Wardrobes
  • Wooden Shelving
  • Bedside Cabinets
  • Wooden Cupboards

Fitted Wardrobes – What is The Big Deal?

Many people today are still using dressers to store their clothing and belongings. Beautiful and valuable as these dressers are, they have come from an era of class and fortune. Where the rich had the most elaborate and awe inspiring dressers, filled with the most exotic clothes. They have however become dated, and are often viewed as space consuming and bulky furniture. These stylish and often valuable pieces of furniture are now replaced by the more practical and space efficient fitted wardrobe.

What is a fitted wardrobe?

The best way in which to describe a fitted wardrobe is that it is a custom built cupboard that is fastened to the wall. Used to store ones’ clothing and accessories. A fitted wardrobe becomes a permanent fixture to a room.

Why have a fitted wardrobe?

If you have ever had to clean behind a dresser or under it, if so you will be the first to praise the comforts of a fitted wardrobe. If there is one big advantage to a fitted wardrobe it is that it is a fixed, you do not need an army of helpers to move it, only to enable you to clean under or behind it. A fitted wardrobe also appears to be part of the room fittings so there is no need the next time you move furniture about to move the dresser with the corresponding furniture. Wardrobes that are fitted also save space, as they allow for one to make the best use of unused or awkward spaces. This because fitted wardrobes can be built around architectural nuances. Not only giving one a sleek finish but also an overall impression an organised and spacious feel. So why have wardrobes? Because they are economical and practical.

What are the benefits of a fitted wardrobe?

There are numerous benefits to having one or multiple installed. Not only are they easy to clean and offer a uniform and sleek appearance to a room or living area. Fitted wardrobes in our consumer driven world of bigger better and more, provide us with storage space for our much sought after purchases. They help to de-clutter our living space. They have become the organisers dream and the perfectionists perfect tool. They allow us to exert some level of control over our lives be helping us decide what we are willing to put on display, and what we are going to hide away. Correctly installed, fitted wardrobes can give the appearance of belonging or being one with the building allowing you to create storage space throughout your home without it seeming cluttered.

Fitted Wardrobes Leeds

Contact us to discuss your bedroom storage requirements. We’ll happily visit any properties in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire to assess your needs and offer advice on bedroom storage, cupboards, shelving and fitted wardrobes.

Please see the Gallery for examples of our joinery / carpentry work.

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