De-clutter Your Home With Purpose Made Fitted Wardrobes

Remember as a kid you use to watch those cartoons where the characters would throw everything into the wardrobe and then close the door with it bulging ready to burst open and spill out all its contents. You do!

Now honestly… Do you have one of those closets in your house? Come on, admit it, we all do. Whether you call it the utility or junk storage area everyone has one, if not a closet at least a drawer. A big problem today is that in our rushed lives, closets often become cluttered because we are in too great a hurry to get going and getting things done, that instead of packing things back nicely, they are thrown or stuffed back into the closet. This continues until one day the closet decides, “that’s it we’re attacking back!

With fitted wardrobes being so versatile we have often traded one problem for another. As nice as it is to have a de-cluttered home, it has often lead to wardrobes now becoming the disaster area of choice, with just the thought of clearing it, leaving you moody and tired. When one at first considers having purpose-made fitted wardrobes installed, consider the purpose for which you intend to utilise this space.

Should you require a fitted wardrobe for the purpose of storing keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ensure that the shelves are adjustable and or removable. This allows you to alter the storage space in the closet to your requirements when you need it.
  • If its intent is for bulk storage of smaller objects. Try and include some drawers with it. Some of these drawers should contain divisions to ease the sorting and retrieval of smaller objects.
  • Enquire to the possibility of having all sections of the closet made up the same width, this allows for the interchanging of shelves, should you require more shelving in a particular section.
  • Have the shelves and interior of the closet made up of white or light colour melamine. This will ease your search for objects and also allow for more natural light to be reflected.
  • Try not to have the depth of a storage closet exceed 600mm, or things may become lost or forgotten in the back.

Careful planning of your fitted wardrobes to fulfill their intended purpose will have you well on the way to de-cluttering your home and providing you with more living space.

JL Joinery can talk through storage solution ideas for your home. We have created various different types of fitted wardrobes, cabinets, and cupboards in homes right across Leeds and West Yorkshire.