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Cookridge is one of many areas that JL Joinery covers in Leeds. Customers say they choose JL Joinery as a local tradesman who can take on any joinery work, no matter how large or small, and to the up-most satisfaction. Being local joiners has the advantage of:

  • having examples of similar work completed in or near Cookridge;
  • being able to react quickly to small jobs; and
  • being more competitively priced.

JL Joinery has completed many jobs in Cookridge, both simple and complex, and with being based just down the road in Bramley, we can respond quickly and efficiently to any Cookridge households, landlords or businesses in need of a hard working joiner.

For general information on the Cookridge area, click here.

Need a joiner and live in Cookridge? Call JL Joinery today on: (0113) 279 1421 or click here to go to the homepage of our website.

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  1. Hi. My husband and I have moved into a new house and can’t decide on whether to get rid of the old tatty doors or to replace them. Do you think it makes a difference having internal doors?

    • Hi Anne, when redesigning your living space, any interior designer will tell you that planned door placement can provide a much needed flow of movement throughout your home; you’d be surprised what difference a door can make. On their own, doors seem like a detail, but actually they are a fundamental part of any room’s design.
      Opting for distinctive doors can set the style of a room and make a strong design statement of their own. You will use your doors almost every day of the year; therefore, my advice is to take some time to consider where you want them, how you want them to look and why.
      As there are so many styles with varying style, function, design and durability we advise using a credible local joiner. They will also ensure your doors are hung correctly. It can be a tricky business hanging doors, that’s why it’s a skilled trade.

      If you would like to talk through your options and obtain a quote, get in touch on: (0113) 279 1421.

      John, JL Joinery

      • I’ve been looking at my new neighbours’ houses in Cookridge and they all do have wooden doors throughout, so your comments are spot on. Thanks for taking the time to respond, we’ve still got loads to do, but nice to know a joiner can help us with sorting at least the internal doors.


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