How Best to Secure my Home

I recall reading some tips from North Leeds Neighbourhood Watch website a few years back and got me thinking about some of their useful tips to help protect my home against burglary.

Here is the list of their top security tips, I’d like to share with you:

  • Fit five-lever British Standard mortice locks on front and back doors.
  • A door viewer and a strong door chain to give extra protection (where applicable).
  • Patio doors require special attention.
  • Consider having a burglar alarm fitted.
  • Fit window locks to all ground floor windows and those where access can be obtained via a flat roof.
  • Fit outside lighting.
  • Fit quality locks to garages and garden sheds consider fitting alarms where valuables are stored.
  • Fit quality locks on garden gates.
  • Lock tools and ladders away.
  • Never leave a key in a hiding place.
  • Keep external doors locked.
  • Handbags, car keys, etc. should not be left near to entrance doors.

Every home is different, whether you are in North Leeds, or in any other area of West Yorkshire, free advice on the security of your home, car and personal security can be available from the West Yorkshire Police. North Leeds Neighbourhood Watch also pointed out that it’s always worth-while consulting your insurance company before undertaking any major security upgrades.

If you are looking for made-to-measure secure garden gates, or even a secure garden shed give JL Joinery a call today. We have installed various different types of wooden gates, sheds and even gazebos in homes throughout North Leeds, East Leeds, South Leeds, West Leeds and other areas of West Yorkshire.

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