Door FAQs

What do I need to think about before buying doors?

There are a number of points you should consider before you purchase a new door, either for yourself, or if you are arranging on behalf of someone else.

Choose a design that suits the house style:

There are many designs of doors; ranging from the traditional designs to
the more modern ones. Speak to a professional joiner or carpenter like JL Joinery in Leeds West Yorkshire.

Ensure that you have made a note of the appropriate measurements:

The height, width and depth of the frame are important but decide by measuring, whether the frame is square and true. This will allow you to estimate how complex the fitting task will be. Buy a door that is either the right size or slightly too big. Check both the frame and threshold for signs of wear or damage and ensure the frame is secure to the wall.

Decide on your budget:

We know, from the wide variety of doors we have sourced and fitted that we ought to be able to find suitable doors for any budget. Reasonable budget that is! See our offers page for some of the best deals around.

What should I ask before selecting a door?

Are the doors you wish to purchase constructed using the best methods available? We advise on your options in order for you to have confidence in the durability of your household doors.

Can you ensure a consistent look throughout your house? We source as many doors as required to give consistency and match in design throughout your home.

Joinery has helped homeowners choose the right wooden doors for over 40 years. We have sourced and fitted various types of internal wooden doors in houses right across Leeds and West Yorkshire.

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